Traffic Exchange VIP Memberships

VIP memberships

Services in detail, comparison and overview

With the VIP memberships we offer against payment of different levels of memberships.

Already directly at registration can choose between the free standard membership and a premium membership. but you can also decide later and upgrade your account by a VIP membership.

One of the main advantages is the monthly bonus credits. This provides a large part of the premium paid for a VIP membership in the form of credits back.
The monthly bonus will be credited to your advertising account, which works out to not have their own activities credit for your advertising and can still use all the services and benefits of member accounts, of which you some would not be a sponsor account available.
In addition there is the obtained credits for sale of your advertising account other members or external sites.
In addition, you can "Paid4" activate (make money through paid surfing) and Credit collect your activities on your Paid4 account and still receive the monthly bonus as VIP credits for your own advertising.

Other advantages:
  • higher limits for various features
  • higher fees, for example, when using the Surfbar
  • low exchange rates in Credit Exchange as the klammlose
  • lower or no fees for API and Transfer
  • Discount on credit and Ref-purchase
  • increase in revenue per new referred member in EUR
Higher Ref-compensation may affect only newly recruited members who have registered within the period of a valid VIP membership through one of your promotional links in the traffic exchange.

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Prices and services

Standard Membership

The standard membership is completely free and features contained therein can be used indefinitely.

Name / Description Performance
Savings box 100.000
Add Sites 15
Disable web pages automatically Disable web pages automatically
Websites limit per hour Websites limit per hour
Websites limit per day Limit per day
temporal sites limit time limit
automatic Surfbar (remuneration in credits) 0,7
manual Surfbar 200% (remuneration in credits) 1,4
monthly bonus (in credits) monthly Bonus
Different remuneration for webmasters Links (in credits) 0,35
Compensation for webmasters Links manual Surfbar (in credits) 0,70
Happy Hour / Compensation Happy Hour
API base fee (in credits) 500
API Transaction Fee (as a percentage) 5
API remaining minimum balance (in credits) 500
Charm link remuneration (in credits) 0,05 - 0,5
Discount on credit buying Discount for Credits
Cascade Paid mail confirmation / Credits 3,5
Increased pay at Klick4Credits Increased pay Klick4Credits
Increased pay at Klick4Win Increased pay Klick4Win
Lose-exchanger (Lose ---> Credits) / (Credits ---> Lose) 10:1 / 1:1
Multisurfbar Multisurfbar
Nick Page URL's with Klickstatisik Nick Page URL's
Paid4-Limit 25.000
Compensation per new referred member 0,25 €
Increased pay at Paidmails Increased pay Paidmails
Discount on Ref-purchase Discounted Ref purchase
Topliste / Credits 0,2
Transfer base fee / Credits 500
Transfer fees Fee / percent 5
Interest accounts Maximum Investment 100.000
Maximum interest accounts 1
Payout possible from 5,- €
Participation in VIP rallyes Participation VIP rallyes

stand: 08.10.2018