What's Surfbar?

Surfbar - manual and automatic

The surf bar is the centerpiece of the visitor exchange and basically divided into 3 areas:

Above the counter is displayed. Among them is the ability to click Pause and thus stop the Surf operation. In addition, various links through which, for example, a rule violation may be reported, to open the current page in a new window, the login, the display of the credit balance and the form for the top list and the jackpot at the time of start of the surfbar.
The jackpot updated during the session only if a review has been submitted. Right to appear by default banner to be reloaded every 2 minutes.

In the middle you see the sites and randomly the jackpot.

Below there are text links and banner advertising.

If an error occurs in the surf bar, a page with the error message appears. The surf bar is the most popular variant of shopping in the traffic exchange credits for its own advertising. Our Surfbar shows 20 seconds on the site other members and sponsors, what you credits are credited rubbed for each page viewed. The so generated credit is then available for your advertising at leisure. As an alternative to browser-based Surfbar you can use the Beex viewer.

For the credits from all Paid4 accounts, we determine once at the beginning of the month a Payrate to then be converted into euros.
You have to use 3 different ways Surfbar.

manual Surfbar: With manual surf bar asking you to confirm the user / surfer after the predetermined time of 20 seconds a so Securimage so you the next page is displayed. This requires that you sit in front of the PC, consider the Surfbar and thus the angezeigrten pages, but for 200% compared to the normal remuneration (VIP may differ) get.

automatic Surfbar: With automatic Surfbar the user / surfer must not click. After the 20 seconds the next page is displayed automatically. This enticed for hours (often at night) to let the surfbar running unattended. For this, however, there is the session limit, which means you can surf per session only a certain time and then have to start a new session.

Beex Viewer: By Beex viewer you can download a Windows program, by means of which you surf, do not need to use the HTML Surfbar and can, for example, disable JavaScript. The program can be found in the members area under the menu item "Software download". The Beex viewer works like automatic HTML Surfbar.
Surfbar Compensation | Credits per hour

Surfbar compensation per page

Membership automatic Surfbar / Beex Viewer manual Surfbar
Default 0,7 1,4
VIP Plus 0,8 1,6
VIP Premium 0,9 1,8
VIP Silver 1,0 2,0
VIP Gold 1,2 2,4
VIP Platinum 1,5 3,0

maximum possible Surfbar remuneration in credits per hour

Membership automatic Surfbar / Beex Viewer manual Surfbar automatic multi-Surfbar up manual multi-Surfbar up
Default 126 252 no multi Surfbar no multi Surfbar
VIP Plus 144 288 2-fold - 288 2-fold - 576
VIP Premium 162 324 3-fold - 486 3-fold - 972
VIP Silver 180 360 3-fold - 540 3-fold - 1080
VIP Gold 216 432 4-fold - 864 4-fold - 1728
VIP Platinum 270 540 4-fold - 1080 4-fold - 2160

The information for manual Surfbar are only mathematically possible real must confirm before the compensation in each case a Securimage, which should take at a 4-fold Multisurfbar a moment of time.
Zulässige Webseiten

Permitted websites - Rules / AGB § 5

1. Prohibited are the following pages:
  • Sites with illegal content, their content violates German law, content from child pornography and racism etc.
  • Sites that open more than another window (PopUp)
  • Sites with a total size of about 2 MB (exclusively embedded video)
  • Malware and viruses
  • contents do not belong together pages (series of frames without substantive connection)
  • is the sole content in the collection of banners (Pure banner pages) and rotating pages
  • Sites with characteristics (erotic, music or sound and pop) were not what characterized
  • Sites with hidden iframes and or more than 40 sub-frames
2. pages where scripts are used that interfere with the flow of Surfbar:
  • which set the current page in the second rhythm to the fore
  • opens by itself when opening, closing or mere linger on the side more than another window (PopUp)
  • frame breaker by breaks the side of the frame in the surf bar and increases the total pages
  • caused by on an average computer a 100% CPU usage (for example, by scrolling text in the status bar)
3. There must be no members of pages paid portals etc. be logged unless it failed to fulfill the terms and conditions of these providers. If such violations of eBesucher24 be found this will be forwarded to the suppliers of eBesucher24.

4. When registering pages with pop and / or erotic content and / or music or sound the features that must be identified in the form, otherwise these sites will not be approved. Sex and erotic sites are permitted only from 22-6 clock and the time limit is to be entered.

5. The User is obliged to its pages for subsequent changes in content to check on compliance with the rules and if necessary to complete the Page Properties (erotic, pop, music or sound) in the URL management. Failure to comply with the requirements, the sides are to immediately delete from the system.

6. in paragraph 1 - 5 criteria listed are not exhaustive. eBesucher24 expressly reserves the right to reject pages without giving any reasons or pages that jeopardize the good reputation of content eBesucher24 or technically unsuitable are to refuse to participate. There is no entitlement to acceptance of the sites by eBesucher24.

7. By entering the website confirmed the member that it is entitled to apply for the page in eBesucher24.de. eBesucher24 expressly reserves the right to claim damages, eBesucher24 should be availed due to display a web page.
Control-Center | Frame Rreaker | Popups
The Control Center automatically checks all new, active and inactive sites, banners and page peels, and abuse reports on frame Crushers, popups, the number of sub-frames and error.
If a page has a frame breaker, more than 1 pop or more than 40 sub-frames will be automatically deleted this page from the Control Center. If a page has a pop-up, the program checks whether the page is marked accordingly. If not, this is done by the program.
Sub-frames are hidden iFrames, so pages that ever invite other side over several levels and then blocked regularly Surfbar, therefore the number of permitted sub-frame is limited to max. 40 limits, otherwise, it is the deletion of the site!

Thus, the quality of the surf is eBesucher24.de increased a lot!
Frame Breaker
The Surfbar of eBesucher24 works only if our side is to be seen in the upper portion, ie, the sides of members and sponsors can be viewed only in a frame, but that does not when frame breakers are used. In this case, surfing would be terminated immediately.
The Surfbar page is a frame page, there are several pages displayed at once in the window, in the upper portion of one side of us and in the middle section the sides of members and sponsors. If your site uses a frame breaker, then this site automatically enlarged to the entire window content.

We have a Frame breaker test. Carry your web page in the form and clicking on "Submit". This will open a new window. If the page is fully loaded and you can still see in the address bar of your browser our URL (eBesucher24.de), then everything is fine. But if suddenly appears your address in the address bar, then you have a frame breakers.

your website:

Your pages may have only a maximum of 1 pop each. Also follow Popups are therefore not allowed.
Websites that are registered as Pagepeel, no pop may use as they transfer them when the page on eBesucher24 and we do not use pop-ups!
A pop-up is a sudden surfacing additional window, which opens automatically when you enter or exit a page.
The name comes from the fact that pop-ups "jump" and thereby cover other parts of the website. The position of pop-up windows on the screen is usually desired. An example of a pop-up element is the context menu, which appears at the position of the mouse pointer. Since undesirable passive pop ups are extremely disruptive for advertising purposes for Internet users, have modern browser via pop-up blocker.