Traffic exchange | Surfbar | Paid4

More visitors for your site


  • Money surfing
  • additional money for referring new members
  • Payout from 5,00 EUR on your PayPal or bank account


  • More visitors for your homepage, website or internet project by Traffic exchange and mail exchange
  • 126 visitors per hour, even up to 1080 as a VIP
  • 500 visitors sign-up bonus


  • Cost Advertising (price list)
  • many advertising and settings
  • extensive statistics

The most important features
  • Violation message - If you report an offense and this recognized under our control as such will receive a reward, the rule-breakers, however, will be punished.

  • Beggar-Link - You can call your own beggar-Link from other Internet users and get a random remuneration between 0.05 and 0.5 credits per call.

  • Control Center application - The Control Center automatically checks all new, active and inactive sites, Forced banner, Layer and abuse reports on frame breakers, the number of pop and sub-frames.

  • Load Credits ( Klamm-Lose, Beex-exchanger )

  • Jackpot and Jackpot Plus - The Surfbar Jackpot is a bonus on the page a link needs to be confirmed in order to move the members to pay attention to surf and not to keep the page in the background. Jackpot Plus there for Cascade Paidmail (KPM), Paidmail Jackpot (PM), Klick4Credits (K4C) and Klick4Win (K4W).

  • Cascade Paidmails - Cascade Paidmails are a special form of Paidmails. Did you receive enabled in profile you will get a Paidmail when it is confirmed each another, etc.

  • Klick4Credits - With Klick4Credits you can special banner and text link advertising turn. So-called forced clicks. For clicks on these banners and text links that members receive compensation if you are left a certain time on the landing page.

  • Layer - Layer is a form of advertising in which the page is displayed on the actual content of eBesucher24.

  • Nick Page - The Nick Page is your site at ebesucher24 where you can store your personal information and decide what information you want to make visible to others in order to introduce your business and websites.

  • Paidmails - Paidmails are emails with a link to a site needs to call the receiver by a certain time to stay there and then receives remuneration.

  • Paid4Refs - If you successfully new members for our Besuchertausch advertise on your personal link or Ref Ref banners, they are stored in the application as your refs and are only available after reaching the minimum turnover of the new member a Ref-compensation.

  • Paid4Use - Paid4Use is by earning credits are converted to money collected for many of your active ties up to a certain amount and once a month for as Payrate Paid surfing.

  • Refback With Refback members have the opportunity to their Refs refund to a portion of the resulting Ref-compensation, this serves as an additional incentive new members about your Ref link for our traffic exchange to advertise and gives you the ability to reward active referrals or to permanent activity to animate.

  • Ref-compensation - For newly recruited members (Refs) can be obtained from a standard membership 0.25 eur, as VIP members up to 0.70 eur per Ref. after the new member has accumulated 10,000 credits themselves.

  • interface (API) - An API is an interface with the members the opportunity to have ersurfte credits to use through external projects, thus collect or pay, they sell well outside the project and transfer to the buyer credit. This is also an incentive for active surfers who have no website itself.

  • Session-limit - Session-limit means that the surf bar shows only a certain number (Hits) on web pages and then needs to be restarted so that it is not running in the background.

  • Moneybox - The money box allows the save of credit or to protect against consumption, they can be de- and re-enable it and you have the ability to transfer credits and get out.

  • Start Bonus - An initial credit of 500 credits will be credited to your account within the hourly maintenance after 1000 even collected credits.

  • Surfbar Compensation - The Surfbar-compensation amounts in the free membership with the automatic Surfbar and Beex Viewer 0.7 credits, with the manual Surfbar 1.4 credits. VIP members will be reimbursed later.

  • URL management - In the URL Manager, you can enter your website and make additional settings.

  • User of the day - As a User of the day the member is calculated daily, which has generated the most credits. For this, all credits are added together (except purchased, exchanged or transferred).

  • VIP memberships - The VIP membership allows members to charge higher fees and book different level reductions.

  • Surfer Bonus - Users who make intensive use of the surf bar, each receive every 1,000 credits a bonus of 50 credits.

  • Happy Hour - From 7 pm to 10 pm, Surfbar compensation 0,9 Credits

Do you have questions or need more detailed information?
Please read our frequently asked questions about traffic exchange.