Make Money | Paid4

make money - Paid4

with the Surfbar, Paidmails, Klick4Credits and Paid4Refs

The Traffic Exchange eBesucher24 you paid for:
  • viewing websites with the manual or automatic Surfbar
  • reading e-mails that are sent as Paidmail or Cascade Paidmail
  • clicking the banner and text link advertising of Klick4Credits u. Klick4Win
  • referring new members - Paid4Refs
Prerequisite is that you enable Paid4Use in profile, only the flow credits, which are our internal currency in your account is specially Paid4Use.
The maximum to be collected credits are limited to a Paid4 limit, which is depending on the type of membership (free standard membership or VIP Membership) vary. Any income over the limit credits are credited to your advertising account.
At the beginning of the month a Payrate is determined which determines the value of the credits on your Paid4 account, then stored and then the credits are actually transformed and converted into euro.

Independent of this is payment for referring new members Paid4Refs.
The Ref-compensation are also depending on the type of membership (free standard membership or VIP membership) at different heights and are after the new member has ersurft 10,000 credits even manually credited by us in Euro your Paid4 account.

The minimum amount for a withdrawal is the free standard membership is still € 5.00 and as a VIP member between 2 to 4.00 euros. Paid4 accounts must be verified before payment by a mutual ID Card Copy and complete address data in the profile and activated no later than.

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sale Credits

sale eBesucher24 Credits

You can eBesucher24 credit sale outside of the project and then transferred to the buyer. This is an incentive for active surfers who themselves have no website.

Interface (API)

An API is an interface that allows you to have the opportunity to use the ersurften credits on external projects. Credits may be redeemed and paid.


With the transfer function members can transfer credits from eBesucher24 among themselves. For example, the sale of credits is made possible among the members.
Surfbar - manual and automatic

Monetizing the Surfbar

The surf bar is the centerpiece of the visitor exchange and basically divided into 3 areas:

Above the counter is displayed. Among them is the ability to click Pause and thus stop the Surf operation. In addition, various links through which, for example, a rule violation may be reported, to open the current page in a new window, the login, the display of the credit balance and the form for the top list and the jackpot at the time of start of the surf bar, this updated during the session only if a review has been submitted.
With manual surf bar you will find in addition the Securimage and the verification form, far right appear by default banner without clicking forced to be reloaded every 2 minutes.

In the middle you see the sites and randomly the jackpot.

Below there are text links and banner advertising with and without click compulsion, partly with compensation.

If an error occurs in the surf bar, a page with the error message appears.
The surfbar is the most popular variant of shopping in the traffic exchange credits for its own advertising, it is 20 seconds shown on the site other members and sponsors.
You have to use 3 different ways Surfbar.

manual Surfbar: With manual surf bar asking you to confirm the user / surfer after the predetermined time of 20 seconds a so Securimage so you the next page is displayed. This requires that you sit in front of the PC, the surf bar and thus view the pages displayed, but for 200% compared to the normal remuneration (VIP may differ) get.

automatic Surfbar: With automatic Surfbar the user / surfer must not click. After the 20 seconds the next site will automatically appear. This enticed for hours (often at night) to let the surf bar running unattended. For this, however, there is the session limit, which means you can surf per session only a certain time and then have to start a new session.

Beex Viewer: By Beex viewer you can download a Windows program, by means of which you surf, do not need to use the HTML Surfbar and can, for example, disable JavaScript. The program can be found in the members area under the menu item "Software download". The Beex viewer works like automatic HTML Surfbar.

Surfbar compensation per page

Membership automatic Surfbar / Beex Viewer manual Surfbar
Default 0,7 1,4
VIP Plus 0,8 1,6
VIP Premium 0,9 1,8
VIP Silver 1,0 2,0
VIP Gold 1,2 2,4
VIP Platinum 1,5 3,0

maximum possible Surfbar tempers in credits per hour
Membership automatic Surfbar / Beex Viewer manual Surfbar automatic multi Surfbar up manual multi Surfbar up
Default 126 252 no multi Surfbar no multi Surfbar
VIP Plus 144 288 2-fold - 288 2-fold - 576
VIP Premium 162 324 3-fold - 486 3-fold - 972
VIP Silver 180 360 3-fold - 540 3-fold - 1080
VIP Gold 216 432 4-fold - 864 4-fold - 1728
VIP Platinum 270 540 4-fold - 1080 4-fold - 2160

The information for manual Surfbar are only mathematically possible real must confirm before the compensation in each case a Securimage, which should take at a 4-fold Multisurfbar a moment of time.
Mail Exchange | Paidmails | Cascade Paidmails

Mail Exchange - Read from Paidmails and Cascade Paidmails


Paidmails are emails with a link to a website. The recipient gets the link on, must remain on the website for a certain time and then receives remuneration.

In addition to the simple Paidmails there are also so-called Question-mails, while a question with 3 possible answers is the visitor after the counter asked. The responses should result from the content of the site, the question is answered correctly, the receiver receives further remuneration. The additional costs for a Question-mail be 4 credits per recipient.

The compensation is the free standard membership at an average of 33 percent of the cost of the paid mail delivery, VIP members will receive between 5% (VIP Plus) and 50% (VIP Platinum) more. For unread mail a refund of 50 percent of the original cost of the consignor gets credited back to their account after the expiration date.
Paidmails are valid for 7 days and have a reload-locked 6 hours.

For more information about Paidmail you find in Wikipedia.
Paidmail configurations
Configuration Costs per recipient in Credit Minimum in seconds permitted characters Compensation per recipient in Credit
1 10 10 1.000 3,3
2 12 15 3.000 4
3 14 25 3.000 4,6
4 16 30 4.000 5,3
5 20 45 4.000 6,6
6 30 60 5.000 10
7 50 100 5.000 16,6
8 60 120 5.000 20

Cascade Paidmails

Cascade Paidmails are a special form of Paidmails.
Therefore, subject Cascade Paidmails of shipping available you will get only a Paidmail. Once you acknowledge this, you will automatically receive the next Paidmail to no longer be available for the shipment.
The remuneration per confirmed Cascade Paidmail is in the free standard membership 3.5 credits, VIP members will receive between 4 Credits (VIP Plus) and 7 Credits (VIP Platinum).
Klick4Credits | Klick4Win

Banner clicks on Forced-Banner | Pay per Click

With Klick4Credits members and sponsors, special banner and text link advertising switch.

For clicks on these banners or text links then the members receive compensation if you are left a certain time on the landing page.

The banner and text links can also additionally booked as Question-link, that is, provide an additional question to the target page, then receive their correct answers to the members receive additional remuneration.

In Klick4Win is unlike Klick4Credits not / text links paid for each click on this banner, but only sometimes as a profit but is it higher, for example, only every 10th click.

Referring new members - Paid4Refs

Paid4Refs means payment for referring new members.

If you successfully new members for our Traffic Exchange advertise about your personal Ref-Link or Ref banners, they are stored in the application as your refs. The Ref-compensation is after the new member has ersurft the minimum turnover of 10,000 credits even manually credited by us in Euro your Paid4 account.


Membership Compensation in Euro per Ref
Default 0,25
VIP Plus 0,30
VIP Premium 0,40
VIP Silver 0,50
VIP Gold 0,60
VIP Platinum 0,70