What is a traffic exchange?

Traffic Exchange

Our traffic exchange to make web pages known.

Give and take is the principle at Traffic Exchange eBesucher24, we combine our interested members with webmasters and sponsors. The traffic exchange generates more traffic and visitors to your website or you can also earn money on the internet with our Paid4 Service.

The Traffic Exchange eBesucher24 offered manually and automatically, ie the Surfbar operates manually or automatically and runs for 20 seconds to the next page can be displayed. Autosurf Traffic exchange systems entice over hours (often at night) to let the Surfbar run, this however, there is the session limit, which means you can surf per session only a certain time and then have to start a new session.

The Surfbar

The heart of the visitor exchange, there are 3 versions to use them.

manual Surfbar: With manual surf bar asking you to confirm the user / surfer after the predetermined time of 20 seconds a so Securimage so you the next page is displayed. The Securimage shows a simple math test whose results must be entered and confirmed in the adjacent input window. But this you will receive 200% as compared to the normal remuneration (VIP may differ).

automatic Surfbar: With automatic Surfbar the user / surfer must not click. After the 20 seconds the next site will automatically appear and the compensation amounts to 0.7 credits per page.

Beex Viewer: By Beex viewer you can download a Windows program, by means of which you surf, do not need to use the HTML Surfbar and can, for example, disable JavaScript. The program can be found in the members area under the menu item "Software download". The Beex viewer works like automatic HTML Surfbar.

Your personal surf bar links you get with the free registration, or find them in the members area under "My Links".
Traffic Exchange – Wikipedia
Quelle: Traffic Exchange – Wikipedia

Traffic Exchange systems are systems which serve to publicize websites. Basically, they function somewhat like mail exchanger.


Traffic Exchange systems are mostly used for free for websites to advertise and make them so popular, but are also popular "tool" for players of a theft or begging game. You get points by the web pages of other members you look at in a "surfbar" and you can use the points to make its own pages show other users in their Surfbar. Some exchange systems also pay out money.
There are automatic and manual traffic exchange systems. In both systems, the user is shown a so-called Surfbar in the upper part of the Web browser. This is a static area in which it for example the status of his account is displayed, often banners will be displayed there. At the bottom of one or more sites of the other participants are displayed.
  • In manual systems the user / surfer (often 15, 20, or 30 seconds, depending on the provider) has to a fixed, predetermined time a link or button, so that the next WebSite him appears. This requires that the user is sitting in front of the PC, and if so maybe not always wanted, but then forced to see one or the other side.
  • In automatic traffic exchange systems, the user has to click on anything. After the predetermined time, the next page is displayed automatically. This automatic system enticed for hours (often at night) to let the surf bar running unattended. After you get with each web page that appears (the one but not necessarily even have to look at) a point that can be traded for own advertising.
The obvious disadvantage of automatic TrafficExchange is that the other users can view the pages rarely. So the odds: 'Web page' - to - 'website from a real user also seen' much lower than in manual systems. This disadvantage applies but for all participants equally. Modern TrafficExchange have solved the problem in that all 20-90 minutes must be asked. This prevents the Surfbar can pass unseen overnight.

From 'marketing experts' Besuchertausch systems are generally dismissed as a 'gimmick' or as an ineffective instrument which merely provides for increased traffic, but not for real visitors. In Traffic Exchange-users on the other hand, although the manual systems are considered acceptable variant, as this but one or the other visitors stuck on the advertised site; however, the automatic traffic exchange systems are considered 'ineffective', due to the above-mentioned drawback, but which was now fixed at the major suppliers. Some smaller providers have now installed both versions, manual and automatic Surfbar. Thus, it is the users will be able to get traffic or real visitors in just one system.

For some larger systems as "eBesucher" has become a fixed, virtual currency established in place of the points which can be exchanged against other currencies. Thus, it is possible to earn indirectly by eBesucher and similar systems. The function of the points transfer to other users, to offer even smaller systems, you can apply for smaller services, etc. can pay with the currency. Through the external interfaces of the major sides, the points can be transferred to other sites and convert them into so-called exchange offices.
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