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Also you advertise on our website and do not leave the field to the other. Book your Internet advertising easy, fast and predictable with our advertising manager!

80% of all customers informed today first on the Internet through the looking listing. If you are not present online, your potential customers opt for another provider.

We offer several ways to place your advertisement on our web site. Click to get on prices / details for more information about our advertising spaces and prices.

Before a form of advertising can be booked, you have to register once. You will then receive your personal login to the customer center, where you can book the desired advertising format. In addition, live stats on clicks and views of the booked advertising any time can be viewed there. A promotional extension is also possible at any time.

Excluded from registration all websites are in violation of the rules.
Advertising Space

Our advertising space

All advertising formats are switched in rotation and are permanently visible on all sides by ebesucher24.

banner 468x60
The banner 468x60px (standard format) is displayed in the top center of the Web page (header).

microbutton 88x31
The button in the format is switched 88x31px top right of the web page (header).

jQuery Page-Peel
Thanks to jQuery, the page peel is also displayed on mobile devices. In the new jQuery version only 1 graphic in the size of 500x500px is needed.

Skyscraper 120x600
The skyscraper in format 120x600px located right

Observe for registration!
Excluded from the application sites are not complying with the terms and conditions. WFurthermore, no banners of third parties and competition pages are added. Banners of this type are disabled without notice.
Click for larger version on an image above to go to the relevant page.

Time Price List


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  • add, delete and edit banners in different formats
  • all banner formats can simultaneously and independently on one or more sides
  • click and views are counted
  • Monthly statistics on clicks and views for each banner
jQuery Pagepeel
  • Flash is out, so the page peel was rewritten to jQuery
  • Thanks to jQuery, the page peel is also displayed on mobile devices. In the new jQuery version only 1 graphic in the size of 500x500px is needed
  • further information about Pagepeel see Wikipedia
Customer Center
  • Daily and monthly statistics Click & Views for each form of advertising
  • Customer may any number of banners, text advertisements or advertising Pagepeel order
  • Upload function for banner and Pagepeel Graphics
  • Start date for each form of advertising in order by the customer fixable
  • Customer can edit existing forms of advertising at any time
  • Integrated ZKV buffer function. Time, clicks or views can be extended before the advertising form expires
  • perform way payment immediately via PayPal
  • Access-forget function for customers
  • integrated contact form for inquiries to the Admin